A Day in the Life of a Boarder and Day Pupil

Housemasters, housemistresses, assistants, matrons and older pupils all play distinct roles in ensuring a high standard of pastoral care. The contribution of the matrons, for whom the boarders show genuine affection, is a significant strength.

ISI Inspection Report March 2014
A Typical Day in the Life of a Pangbourne Boarder
7.30-8am Breakfast
8.15am Registration (Day pupils arrive)
8.25am Morning activity (chapel, muster – weekly House meeting where HOMs go through notices, parade practice, inspection, tutor time)
9.05am-11am Two lessons
11-11.25am Break time
11.25am-12.20pm Third lesson
12.25-1.25pm Fourth lesson
12.20-12.55pm Lunch
12.25-13.15pm Fourth Lesson (Forms 1 - 4) 
13.00- 13.55pm Fourth Lesson (5th and 6th Form)
13.20-13.55pm Lunch (Forms 1 - 4)
14.00-14.55pm Fifth Lesson
15.15-16.10pm Enrichment
16.15-17.45pm Activities and Games
6pm Supper and free time (Day pupils leave)
7-8.30pm Prep (doing homework)
8.30-9.30pm Activities
9.45pm onwards Bed time
Friday evening activities In-House entertainment – HoMs make food, DVD watching or games, interacting as a Division

There is no longer a Summer and Winter routine for lesson times.  Lesson 5 always ends at 2.55pm.  The afternoon is split into a shorter section of Enrichment and a longer period of Games and Activities.  In the Summer the Enrichment precedes the Games and Activities, in the Winter this is reversed.

On Wednesdays, students have just four lessons before playing games or sports fixtures against other schools between 2.30-4pm while, on Saturdays, students have three lessons before lunch and a whole school sports fixture list. There are no afternoon lessons on Wednesdays or Saturdays.

Day pupils are given the option to stay at Pangbourne to do prep and can work on their own desks in study rooms for two to four students.