Introduction & GCSE Information

The primary aim of any school is to boost the academic performance of its pupils and, under the guidance of a committed and knowledgeable team of teachers, Pangbourne realises that aim consistently.

Students at Pangbourne are inspired and challenged to do the very best they can and are exposed to a variety of engaging lessons, memorable trips and plentiful learning tools to bring each and every subject to life.

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In the earlier years at the College, pupils are introduced to their secondary subjects and are provided with a platform in which to build their knowledge in each subject as they progress at Pangbourne. By the time of their GCSEs and A Levels, students are able to tackle weightier themes and can choose to study new subjects, such as Economics and Business Studies and Psychology.

Teachers provide extra support to students, particularly those undergoing public examinations, through extension classes and subject-specific societies which solidify their academic vocabulary and stretch the most able pupils.

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The number of pupils at Pangbourne ensures small class sizes and more one-to-one time with the teachers. Every individual is catered for by an empathetic and caring group of teachers, and those pupils with the ability to take their learning to the highest level are aided by a support structure which enables them to realise their ambitions.