The Biology Department at Pangbourne teaches with enthusiasm and use a range of approaches designed to provide plenty of variety in studying a subject which is current and inspiring.

The Department is based in three spacious and well-resourced laboratories, a prep (homework) room and a departmental office.

Form 3 students are given a general introduction to the subject based on its fundamental concepts before beginning the GCSE Biology syllabus (following the AQA board) in the Lent term. The GCSE syllabus, which continues through Forms 4 and 5, incorporates a wide variety of topics which look at modern biological processes, such as health and disease, and the human impact on the environment.

GCSE students carry out a lot of experiments and are assessed through two Investigative Skills Assignments (ISAs).

Advanced Biology at A Level (following the Edexcel board) covers cell biology, physiology, biochemistry, genetics and health among other topics. The coursework element includes two research projects which is excellent preparation for those wishing to study Biology at university.

Additional events organised by the Biology Department include a week's fieldwork at Orielton Field Centre in Pembrokeshire, visits to local farms, research centres and zoos, trips to lectures from leading scientists and entries into competitions such as the Society of Biology's Biology Challenge and Olympiad.


The department
Mrs Kate Klymow
Head of Biology
MA Natural Sciences, Girton College, University of Cambridge and PGCE Biology and Sciences, University of Cambridge
Dr Jo Hart Teacher of Science
PhD Human Genetics and Cell Biology, University of Bristol and PGCE Secondary Science, Oxford Brookes University
Mrs Viv Richardson Teacher of Science
BSc (Hons) Biological Sciences, Aston University and PGCE Secondary Science, the Open University
Mr Steven Thompson

 Teacher of Science 

BSc (Hons) Sports Coaching and Exercise Performance, University of Hull

Mrs Jehan Dyer Biology Technician