How many students are here at the College?

Currently, we have 419 pupils.

what is the ratio of boys to girls at the college?

There are 285 boys and 134 girls at the College equating to a roughly 2:1 boy-girl ratio.

How many board at the College?

Well over half the students are boarders, currently there are 238 boarders and 181 day pupils.

What uniform do students wear?

No other school in the UK has the privilege of wearing Royal Naval officer cadet uniform, and pupils wear it every day with pride. Day-to-day clothing is known as No. 2s and consists of black trousers or a black skirt, a blue shirt and a blue jumper.

For parades, the uniform is known as No. 1s and consists of black trousers or a black skirt, a white collared, long-sleeved shirt, a black jacket with gold buttons, hats (known as Lids) and well-polished shoes. Upper Sixth students wear chevrons (emblems on the arm of their jackets) which indicates which rank they are.

There is also Rec Rig uniform. This is worn by boys on journeys to away sporting fixtures or for Inter-Divisional events such as the Inter-Divisional Music Competition and consists of black trousers or a black skirt, a white collared, long-sleeved shirt, a blue blazer or blue jumper over the top of a Divisional tie.

Do we provide transport and from what areas?

College bus services are available from Pangbourne Station (twice daily and free of charge) as well as from Newbury, Basingstoke and Wantage. Bus services from Newbury, Basingstoke and Wantage are £420 per term for day pupils and £127 per term for part-boarders.

What is the length of a school day and what takes place on a typical day?

Between Monday and Friday, school days are from 8.25am-6pm, and on Saturdays the length of a school day is between 8.25am-4pm, inclusive of a sports fixture. Typically, there are five, 55-minute lessons, as well as a morning activity, Central Hour (an hour after lunch when pupils can do prep (homework), attend academic clinics or take part in musical ensembles and an hour and a half of sport or activities.

What exactly is part-boarding?

Part-boarding is spending four nights a week at the College - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday nights.

There is no flexi-boarding.

What do the boarders do at weekends?

Boarders have a half-day of lessons, like the rest of the school, on Saturday and there are various events on Saturday evenings including College discos, cinema visits, competitions, barbecues and visits to sporting fixtures.

Brunch is served at 10.30am on Sundays to allow pupils a chance to recoup their energy before going on a trip. Trips include visits to Oxford, Reading, Basingstoke, the London Eye, Olympic Park, the Tate Modern and The Race Hut in Slough, while other trips have taken the form of Christmas shopping, cultural days out in Oxford, punting and trampolining.

do you have an entrance exam?

Yes.  Prospective pupils at 11+ and 13+ are required to take computer based tests in English, Mathematics and Reasoning Skills, whilst all overseas students are required to take English and Mathematics tests before they can be offered a place by the College.  However, entrants at 16+ are not required to take an exam but, instead, meet the individual subject criteria for their chosen programme of study as outlined on the Sixth Form Admissions page.

do you offer 'taster' days?

Yes.  The College encourages prospective pupils to visit and experience a normal day at Pangbourne.  Prospective pupils can come for a typical school day between 8.25am-6pm where they will be looked after by a Pangbournian in their respective year group.

Prospective pupils can also get a flavour of boarding life by visiting for a taster 48-hours which includes two full school days and a night of boarding, normally on a Friday and Saturday.  A Friday and Saturday is chosen as there is Parade practice on a Friday morning, in-house activities on Friday evening, and Congers (congregational practice) on Saturday mornings, with lessons and games/activities in-between.

how are day pupils integrated into pangbourne life?

Day pupils are placed into the boarding Divisions (House) and in their free time, both boarders and day pupils socialise in the communal areas.  They share a room with two or three other day pupils with a locker and desk where they can store personal belongings for the day, such as sports equipment.  The pupils can stay in the evening to do prep (homework) in their respective cabins (rooms), offering them flexibility beyond the regular Pangbourne day.

Day pupils’ school day runs from 8.25am-6pm.


Full boarders stay at Pangbourne for the entirety of the term, except for holiday periods and leave weekends (exeats – early finish on a Friday at 4pm with no school on Saturday or Sunday) which take place, on average, twice a term.


Leave weekends (also known as ‘exeats’) take place, on average, twice a term.  Pupils have an early finish on a Friday at 4pm with no school on Saturday or Sunday.  Boarders return on a Sunday night and day pupils on a Monday morning.