Harbinger Division is located in the main school building next to Devitt tower and is the closest house to both the Mess Hall and the medical centre.

Harbinger's ultimate aim is to nurture young men who will emerge from Pangbourne with a wide range of knowledge and variety of experiences which will enrich their lives long after they have left the Division.

Harbinger’s mascot is a lion, the Division colours are Gold and Black, and the Division emblem is the Harbinger ship.

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Harbinger’s bespoke House Values are Achieve, Believe, Succeed and the Motto is In Cublie Leonum Intrate which means ‘Welcome to the Lions’ Den’.

Boys across all year groups get along with one another and are put into a Pride (teams of six boys with at least one from each year group), for which they try to earn Pride points for any notable achievement.

At the end of each month, the Pride which has accumulated the most points is rewarded with a prize and this adds to the friendly, inter-house rivalry, creating healthy competition.

At least twice a term, the boys are invited to the Housemaster’s flat for hot chocolate and pizza which is a great opportunity for everyone to socialise in an informal environment.

The Gunroom (Common Room) acts as the main focal point for Harbinger for House meetings and events, while there is a TV room with beanbags, sofas and Sky TV, a kitchen and an ICT suite with six computers.

Harbinger is named after one of the clipper ships belonging to the Devitt and Moore shipping company that first set up Pangbourne as a Nautical College in 1917 before it took the name Pangbourne College and then later became a co-educational school.

Student Opinion

I enjoy the freedom boarding gives you. As a boarder, you’ve got more time to access the facilities available to you. I can go to the gym and play squash. I’ve got my own room which I can work in. There’s an ICT room, Sixth Form Centre.

I play the piano and there’s a piano in our Gunroom which I can play on in my spare time.

Boarding makes it easier to do your work as you are in an environment where everyone is working and there are no distractions. You also develop independent skills which you will use after you leave school.

The staff members in Harbinger are all really friendly, very approachable. They are there for your well-being. You can talk to the Matron about most things.

Harbinger is the oldest and the biggest building which gives it character and an edge, I think. In terms of location, it’s pretty much central to everything.

Harbinger has a well-rounded feel to it. There’s a good mix of sporty, academic and musical people in the Division. The House emblem is a lion which invokes a sense of pride and identity.

In the evenings, there’s a mandatory hour and a half prep. After that, you can do what you want so I usually go to the gym, meet up with friends, watch TV or catch up with extra work before bed.

The best thing about boarding at Pangbourne is being with all your friends and the opportunity to make a good social circle, as well as developing skills which help you become independent from mum and dad.

Louis Ingrams
Former Part-Boarder

Meet the Team


Mr Charlie Sutton joined Pangbourne in 2012 as Head of Physical Education and Rugby before taking on the role of Harbinger Housemaster in September 2014.

He is joined by his wife, Mrs Laura Sutton, who is Head of Psychology at the College and takes a major role in pastoral and academic duties in the Division.

Previously, Mr Sutton was Head of Cricket and Assistant Director of Sport at Ryde School and his remit at Pangbourne includes running the 1st XV and 1st VII rugby teams, the 1st XI cricket team and the Under 14A hockey team.

Mr Sutton played rugby for the Newcastle Falcons Academy, was involved with Middlesex County Cricket Club for two years and played Minor Counties Cricket for Oxfordshire.

As well as his love of sport, Mr Sutton has a passion for music which was honed during his six years of being a Chorister at Christ Church Cathedral School which led to him being part of the choir who sang the theme tune music for ‘The Vicar of Dibley’!

Mr Sutton enjoys long walks, travelling, reading and socialising with friends and family.

Assistant Housemaster

Mr Stewart McKane, who is also Head of Science at the College.


Mrs Wendy Saddington is in her 20th year in the role and has a wealth of experience in dealing with pastoral matters. Mrs Saddington takes care of the boys’ day-to-day living and provides the Division with daily food treats. She has an ‘open door’ policy and her priority is making sure all the boys in the Division are happy and feel supported.

Visiting Tutor

Miss Alison Knowles


Mrs Rosa Jurek