Health Centre

The Health Centre is located in the centre of the campus, next to the Mess Hall (dining area) and in front of the Study Block.

Stocked with all the necessary and up-to-date equipment, the Health Centre is manned by a team of five friendly nurses and led by Mrs Sue Smith. They all have a wealth of experience and provide pastoral support to the students. The Health Centre is also where the School Counsellor, Mrs Sue Hubbard, is based. Mrs Hubbard comes to Pangbourne at set times and pupils can book appointments to see her confidentially.

The Health Centre operates a walk-in policy during the school day (between 8.25am-6pm) and there is always an out-of-hours nurse on duty for boarders who is a reassuring presence at all hours of the day. Boarders wishing to contact the Health Centre outside of school hours must go their Housemaster/mistress who will call the nurse who is on duty at the time. 

Two GPs (Dr Rupert Woolley and Dr Matilda Oppenheimer) visit the school on a weekly basis to see the pupils at the Health Centre to avoid them having to be taken out of the school.

The nurses assist the paramedics who are on hand to provide help on match days and are always the first port of call in a medical situation.