Pastoral Care

The pastoral system, founded on strong houses, or divisions, is extremely effective in supporting both day pupils and boarders. Pupils learn how to manage their own lives, how to cope with their workload and support others. They are well known by the staff and live and work in a warm, friendly atmosphere.

ISI Inspection Report March 2014

The College is extremely proud of its highly effective and integrated pastoral care which provides the foundation on which its special community is built.

The first line of Pangbourne’s Code of Conduct is 'Pangboune College is a community where the individual matters' and this encapsulates the College’s ethos and the excellent care it offers. The happiness of the pupils is, therefore, an important priority. Pangbourne strikes the right balance between being small enough to care yet offering a wide range of opportunities that will stretch and develop the individual.

Every pupil, boarder and day, belongs to a Division (House) where they are looked after by a Housemaster/mistress together with an Assistant, House Tutor and Matron. There is a Junior House, (Dunbar) for 11 -13 year olds and six Senior Houses, two of which are for girls.

In addition, Academic Tutors oversee not only the academic progress of each pupil, but also their emotional well-being and personal development, liaising very closely with Divisional staff. Tutor groups are small so a high level of individual care and support is given.

The College encourages the highest standards of behaviour, especially consideration and respect for others. This is expressed not only through the Code of Conduct, but the Flag Values of Kindness, Selflessness, Moral Courage, Industry, Initiative, Resilience and Integrity. All activities undertaken at Pangbourne are designed to promote these values and form an important touchstone for all that we do.

Pupils benefit not only from excellent relationships with their teachers, who they know they can turn to for advice and support, but also their fellow peers. Older pupils help look after the younger ones in their houses with many choosing to train as Peer Mentors in the Lower Sixth. Moreover, specially chosen prefects - New Entry COs - look after those pupils who are new to the Division and help induct them into Pangbourne life.

The strong relationships between pupils of different ages, between boys and girls and between staff and pupils are characterised by trust and mutual respect. Pupils know who to go to if they have a problem, from a range of figures. Trained peer mentors are also able to support pupils in need.

ISI Inspection Report March 2014

Mrs Caroline Bond
Deputy Head Pastoral