Port Jackson

The Division is located at the far end of the Parade Ground opposite St George and adjacent to Reception.

Port Jackson’s current building was opened in 1974, having been extended in 1990, the Division’s mascot is the Wolfpack (group of wolves), its colours are light blue and white, and its emblem is the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Port Jackson’s House Values are Unity, Honesty, Commitment and Responsibility and the Motto is Ubi Concordia Ibi Victoria which means ‘Where there is unity, there is victory’ – a motto chosen by the boys in the Division.

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A friendly feel permeates throughout Port Jackson, with pupils enjoying each other’s company and building lifelong friendships. The Gunroom and the foyer, with sofas in it, are the two main social hubs in Port Jackson.

The Division runs a competition between five mixed year group teams, with the boys taking ownership of the naming of the teams.

The competition began in 2012 when the theme of the teams was the Olympics and subsequent themes have been Greek gods, Kenyan tribes and wolfpack names.

Points are gained from room inspections, duty week, tidying up in the house, academic effort and more, with the winning team being awarded a prize at the end of the year.

The Division comes together in the kitchen to prepare food, such as pancakes, on Friday evenings, among other social activities.

A key element of Port Jackson’s pastoral guidance is the Housemaster’s keen use of ‘above and below the line’.

There are three words above the line – ownership, accountability and responsibility – and three below the line – blame, excuse and denial – and the aim is for the boys to rise to the challenge of being above the line in all they do.

There are many opportunities for the boys to take ownership of an issue and leave a legacy, such as when the 2013-14 Port Jackson Upper Sixth devised the House motto which is in use now.

Port Jackson is named after one of the clipper ships belonging to the Devitt and Moore shipping company that first set up Pangbourne as a Nautical College in 1917 before it took the name Pangbourne College and then later became a co-educational school.

The proceeds from the sale of SS Port Jackson were used to buy the current College site and the silver trophy used for the Headmaster’s Cup was won by the SS Port Jackson in a race around Port Jackson harbour versus the Herzogin Cecilie in 1911.

Student Opinion

I like the freedom of boarding. You feel very connected when boarding at Pangbourne. It’s very open and you meet a lot of people.

There are opportunities to do anything you like when boarding.

There are always set times to study, especially for boarders – it’s much easier to get work done as you are already in a school environment with the teachers nearby. If you have any problems, they get back to you with an immediate response.

I play the guitar, do vocals, bass, drums, keyboards, produce and DJ. You can always use the music studio and push my abilities there.

The music facilities are always available which is really nice. The Drum Room is always open. There are College guitars if you want them and you can go and record music.

The gym is open and a lot of people make the most of that while boarding.

There are always people who can help you improve physically. For evening activities, we have use of the Sports Hall which is really useful.

You make strong connections when you are boarding here with the people around you which are useful.

As you get older, the rooms get nicer. It’s like home.

All the staff are there for you in any situation. We can always talk to Gill, our Matron. They support you in what you do. If you have any ideas for things to try out in the House, like a new piece of equipment, they look towards that being achieved.

The best thing about boarding at Pangbourne is the friends you make. Now I’m an A Level student, I don’t always see my friends in lessons but, as a boarder, in the evenings, there’s a lot more catch up time with those I don’t see in lessons.

There are so many activities to do here as a boarder.

Sam Butler
Former Part-Boarder

Meet the Team


Mr Joe Lewis

Mr Joe Lewis joined Pangbourne in 2009 and lives in the Division with his wife Milly, their two daughters Cecily and Primrose, and their sons Albert and Florian. As boarders themselves, at Downe House and Malvern College respectively, who both grew up in prep schools, Joe and Milly are passionate supporters of boarding and the tremendous opportunities it has to offer.

Mr Lewis has held the post of Head of English at Pangbourne for three years. He has also been Head of Careers; Head of General Studies; a Sixth Form tutor and was also Master i/c Cricket for two years.  He has coached the U15A rugby team and helped with VII’s coaching – he relishes the opportunities to combine sport with his academic, cultural and pastoral responsibilities.

Mr Lewis is a passionate games player, having represented Worcester Warriors, Rosslyn Park and Tadley Rugby Clubs. He also played for Minor County for Buckinghamshire and continues to play in the cricketer cup for the Old Malvernians.

Mr Lewis enjoys any sport, travel, the arts, and a colourful pair of chinos!

Mr Lewis enjoys relaxing; he also enjoys spending time with his family and dog, Duckworth Lewis.

Assistant Housemaster

Mr Steven Thompson is a Teacher of Science and plays a keen and key role in the running of the Division.


Mrs Gill Pollock is a friendly and welcoming presence in the Division, assisting in the pastoral care of the boys. Both of Gill’s children went to Pangbourne and became Chief Cadet Captains of the College.

House Tutor

Ms Vicky Bryan was welcomed to the College as Assistant Head of English in 2016.


Mrs Katarzyna Machnik