The Religious Studies (RS) Department is dynamic and forward-thinking, and aims to help pupils develop their knowledge of Christianity and other leading world religions.

The Department aims to encourage students to develop a positive attitude towards other people, especially those who hold different beliefs to their own, by helping them understand the importance of religious belief in society.

Pupils are encouraged to question, think and reflect on their own beliefs, values and experiences in a positive atmosphere where each individual feels valued and supported to reach their full potential.

Form 1 students are introduced to the concept of religion, Form 2 pupils study Judaism and Christianity is the main topic studied by Form 3.

At GCSE level (following the OCR board), students tackle philosophy and ethics while those wishing to study RS at A Level (following the OCR board) examine the New Testament and Islam.

The Department offers digital resources to help students learn, encourage lively classroom debates and arrange visits to local places of worship.

Co-curricular trips and workshops are arranged, such as lectures about church architecture, as part of Pangbourne’s Gifted and Talented Programme and a good number of students go on to further their studies by reading Theology or Philosophy and Ethics at universities.

The Department
Mrs Caroline Bond Head of RS
BA (Hons) Theology, University of Hull and PGCE Religious Education, University of London, Institute of Education
Reverend Neil Jeffers Teacher of RS and Chaplain
MA History (Ancient and Modern), St John’s College, Oxford and MTh Theological and Pastoral Studies, Oak Hill Theological College
Miss Harriet WallerTeacher of Humanities
BA (Hons) Sports and Social Sciences, University of Bath, PGCE, University of Buckingham