Pangbourne seeks to attract and reward excellence across the board in academic study, in sport and in the performing arts.

For students interested in joining the College in the Sixth Form from another school, they are expected to have at least five C grades (equivalent to new grade 4) at GCSE level, including English and Mathematics.

Students must meet the individual subject entry criteria for their chosen programme of A Level study. For example, an A grade (equivalent to new grade 7) at GCSE is a prerequisite for studying Mathematics or a Modern Foreign Language at A Level.

  • For College 'Guide to Choosing A Levels 2018-19, please click HERE

Students with English as an Additional Language will be assessed according to their national qualifications and language skills.

All overseas students must take English and Mathematics tests before a place can be offered by the College.

Prospective pupils in the Sixth Form and family members are welcome to take advantage of a visit to Pangbourne where they will be given a tour of the College by a senior student and have an informal meeting with the Headmaster, Mr Thomas Garnier.

Such visits will enable families to see the College during a normal, working day and provide an authentic Pangbourne experience for all.

The College offers a limited number of awards for Sixth Form entrants for excellence in Academic Study, Art, Music and Drama and Sport. For current students, the Head of Sixth Form will write to all parents of those in Form 5 in October to outline the application procedure and timescale.

Awards are provisionally offered on the basis of an interview, references, high playing standards in the College’s major sports, portfolios and GCSE forecast grades and are confirmed when corroborated by GCSE results. The size of the award is in proportion to merit and will not usually exceed 10% of fees.

The College offers a number of bursaries which are means-tested. Recipients of a Sixth Form award may also apply for a bursary in cases of clear financial need.

Further details of these, and the awards described above, can be obtained from the Registrar by calling 0118 976 7415, or by sending an email request to