Social Life

The College runs a Sixth Form Social club called The Medway Club on Thursday evenings and many Saturdays throughout the year. The Medway Common Room is very much the social hub for Sixth Formers.

The club exists to encourage the right mature social habits and is a chance for the Upper Sixth to get together in an informal setting. Students enjoy the privilege of having a beer or a glass of wine or two with the Head of Sixth Form (if over 18 years old) and other staff members in a relaxed atmosphere. Food is provided and students can play on the pool table and watch TV as they drink.

Medway Club nights are often themed with students being tasked with dressing up as something beginning with a particular letter of the alphabet or in Christmas outfits, while other times there are quizzes and race nights to entertain the group.

The club is run with a subscription charged to all members of the year-group, in three even amounts, added to each term’s bill in the Upper Sixth.

There is also an Upper Sixth Wine Society, led by the Reverend Neil Jeffers, which has been run for a number of years and meets once every two or three weeks on Tuesday evenings. The Society – which runs on a voluntary basis – samples a selection of wines and students develop mature wine tasting techniques in the company of staff members and guests who are invited to share their expertise in wine tasting. The selection of drinks explored at the Society varies from table wines to champagne and after-dinner wine, among others. The Society meets in the Wardroom (staff dining room) and is another privilege for Sixth Formers to socialise informally with the staff.

Throughout the course of the year, there are various Sixth Form barbecues, Dinners and Balls which are further privileges exclusive to the two leading year groups. Housemasters/mistresses invite Sixth Formers into their homes for formal sit-down meals which is a chance to socialise together and develop dinner etiquette.