St George

The Division is located next to Illawarra at the end of the Parade Ground, having been built in 2012, and was opened by Olympic gold medal-winning rower Katherine Grainger CBE.

There is a courtyard between Illawarra and St George where girls from both Divisions can meet and socialise.

St George is the original girls’ house and was previously located on the perimeter of the Bowden Playing Fields and then at the end of the drive beyond Dunbar House before its relocation in 2012. The Division emblem is St George and the Dragon, and its colour is Bright Pink.

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St George provides a supportive, friendly and hard-working atmosphere where every girl is encouraged to give their best and fulfil their potential.

All birthdays are celebrated with cake and all the boarders come together on Friday evenings which is focused around food and films, and sees the girls choose from a selection of toasties, brownies and crepes.

St George’s full-boarders enjoy popcorn and hot chocolate on Sunday evenings, when they also tidy the Galley [kitchen] ready for the week ahead. Students are frequently invited to the Housemistress’ house for breakfast and pizza nights.

The entire Division meets for a Muster [House assembly] one morning a week and there is a Muster every evening for boarders which is a chance to review the day, before prep [homework].

Girls’ artwork adorns the walls of St George and there is also a large Leavers’ Wall where the outgoing Upper Sixth students paint a small, pink dragon with their signatures on to leave a lasting visual legacy.

The Leavers’ Wall was implemented by the Housemistress last year and there is plenty of room for future leavers to add to the stencilled drawings next to the big pink dragon centrepiece.

The Housemistress has also introduced the Cabin Cup this year to reward the student with the tidiest room each term, with the trophy handcrafted by the Assistant Housemistress.

Every year, there is a Christmas party in the Division where Form 3 girls are invited to do impressions of their Upper Sixth peers in a humorous and supportive atmosphere.

St George’s Brother Divisions are Harbinger and Macquarie with a half-and-half split between the boys’ Divisions for certain Inter-Divisional competitions.

The girls take pride in their newly-built surroundings, which include three Gunrooms [Common Rooms], a large Galley [kitchen] and an ICT Room in a modern environment.

The largest of the Gunrooms is the social hub of St George and includes a 50” TV and a pool table, while one is a cosy TV room and the other is a quiet room for working in or holding meetings. When not boarding in a single room, girls switch their roommates once a term which enables everyone in the Division to form close bonds.

It is the warm and supportive atmosphere of the Division which makes St George such a great place to be.

St George is named after one of the clipper ships belonging to the Devitt and Moore shipping company that first set up Pangbourne as a Nautical College in 1917 before it took the name Pangbourne College and then later became a co-educational school.

Student Opinion

Everyone is really close and we get to know the other year groups a lot better as a boarder.

There are more opportunities to do things like recitals. I share a room and the room is nice and spacious.

I enjoy Drama, play hockey and do rowing at Pangbourne. If I’m in a play, like when I was in Little Shop of Horrors [last year’s annual whole school Drama production], you can do weekend rehearsals as a boarder.

As a boarder, you get to see a different side of Pangbourne which makes it more fun.

The staff members in St George are really nice. You can talk to them about anything and there’s a very warm atmosphere in the Division. The facilities are great here too.

St George is very friendly and welcoming when you are new. On Friday evenings, we get together and go into the Gunroom to watch a film.

In your evenings, you can go outside and socialise or go to the gym. When you’re doing prep (homework in the evening), there are peer mentors in the Sixth Form or the Housemistress you can always go to for help.

I really enjoy the Sunday boarders’ trips. The best trips I’ve been on are to the Swindon Designer Outlet and the other shopping trips. We also sometimes go to rugby matches which are fun.

Scarlett Mettawa
Upper Sixth Form Full-Boarder

Meet the Team


Miss Lucy Hamblin-Rooke is the Head of Girls' Games and also a Teacher of PE. She is a proud Old Pangbournian (01-08) and former Chief Cadet Captain of the College (Head Girl). Prior to becoming St. George Housemistress in January 2017, she was Assistant Housemistress of Macquarie for six years.

Assistant Housemistress

Miss Emma Patton is Head of DT, coaches rowing, and plays and coaches rugby too.


Mrs Sue Newport has been a Matron for four years and is always on hand to provide a listening ear and help with the pastoral care of the girls.

Visiting Tutors

Ms Rebecca Atack

Miss Harriet Waller


Mrs Sheila Conroy