Why Boarding

The outcomes for boarders are excellent. Boarders are confident, articulate and considerate and their boarding experience contributes to their excellent personal development.

They (boarders) value highly being part of a caring community, and enjoy the familial atmosphere of their houses, which are run by a committed, enthusiastic and suitably trained team of staff.

ISI Inspection Report March 2014

Boarders are able to experience the best of Pangbourne and build strong relationships within their peer groups. Whether part-boarding or full boarding, students are able to participate in a whole range of activities and make the most of the facilities at the College from music rehearsal spaces to the gym.

What is notable about boarding at Pangbourne is the camaraderie and friendliness of each Division (House) as well as the feeling of always being with friends.

Pangbourne provides the ideal setting in which to study, with facilities in each Division and the library available to them.

Brunch is served at 10.30am on Sundays to allow pupils a chance to recoup their energy before going on a trip. Recent trips include visits to towns nearby such as Oxford, Reading, The Coral Reef indoor swimming pool at Bracknell, the London Eye, Olympic Park, the Tate Modern and The Race Hut in Slough, while other trips have taken the form of Christmas shopping, cultural days out in Oxford, punting and trampolining.

The trips are not compulsory but are great ways in which to spend weekends at Pangbourne. Each Division has dedicated Housemasters, Housemistresses and Assistant Housemasters/mistresses who ensure students are well supported throughout their time at Pangbourne.

Every year, the Housemasters/mistresses appoint a Chief [Head Boy/Girl of the House] who is expected to be a role model for the rest of the Division.

Among the qualities desired for in a Chief are an approachable nature, displaying a commitment to Pangbourne and a reflection of the College’s seven Flag Values – kindness, selflessness, moral courage, initiative, industry, resilience and integrity.

Divisional Chiefs are expected to have well-developed leadership qualities and inspire their Divisions to do the best they can.

Housemasters/mistresses also choose a small number of New Entry COs, whose job is to help any new additions to the Division to acclimatise to Pangbourne, and Prefects who complete the Upper Sixth Divisional leadership team.

Each Division has a Matron and, as well as helping out with duties such as ironing and laundry, they play an important pastoral role in ensuring students always have someone who will listen and look out for them.

Prospective pupils can try out a 'taster 48-hours' at Pangbourne to gauge whether they would like to become a boarder.

Day pupils who are interested in becoming boarders can take advantage of a 'taster evening' where they spend the night in a Division to trial whether the experience is for them.

Day pupils can change to one of the boarding options while at the College and the strength of boarding here reflects in the greater take-up of places in the higher age groups.

The best thing about boarding here is being around your friends and making bonds with everyone. It’s like a big family.

Maisie Marsh, Second Form Full-Boarder