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Old Pangbournian Society


The Old Pangbournian Society is designed to keep Old Pangbournians (OPs) in touch with one another and the College. The Society exists to support and uphold the ethos and traditions of the College and to promote activities that will benefit both OPs and the College.

To help achieve these objectives, the OP Society undertakes many of its own projects. Its initiatives range from academic and sporting to cultural and social. The Society is an integral part of the Pangbournian Society.

Everyone who attends the College becomes a member of the OP Society on graduation. There is no cost to OPs to belong to the Society, and you receive the annual OP Magazine, regular email newsletters and event invitations. The Society is managed by a voluntary committee elected at an annual general meeting. All OPs may stand for election.

We encourage all OPs to get involved with the Society in some way: attend an event (or organise one!), form an OP club, share an idea or tell us what you have been up to. All contributions are very welcome.

Email OP@pangbourne.com for more information and to keep in contact.

Presentation by Chairman, Philip J Plato (73-77) available here.

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