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All of the Obituaries that we are aware of from 2018 through today are listed below. A complete record of Obituaries dating back to 2005 is available - please contact the Old Pangbournian team if you would like to read any from previous years.

The Old Pangbournian Records, Volumes 1 and 2Robin Knight (56-61) has written and published two volumes of OP Obituaries and Death Notices. The first,  The Old Pangbournian Record of Obituaries and Death Notices from 1917 to 2016, can be downloaded here

Robin has since researched, written and compiled a second volume, The Old Pangbournian Record, Volume 2: Casualties in War 1917 - 2000This companion volume brings together the results of Robin's research into OPs killed in action and during wartimes since the Foundation of Pangbourne College.  The second volume is available to download here.

2018 - Present

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