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Useful Contacts

To contact any of the committee members listed below, please email [email protected]

All OPs are welcome to attend OP Society Committee meetings; please see the OP Events page for more information.


Officers of the OP Society Committee 2017/18
President Richard Shuttleworth (1957-1962)
Vice-Presidents Ian Williams (1961-1963)
  Mark Dumas (1964-1968)
Hon. Vice-Presidents Robin Knight (1951-1955)
  Lionel Stephens (Hon. OP)
Chairman David Nicholson (1964-1968)
Hon. Secretary Jonathan Spencer 
Hon. Treasurer Tony Bell


OP Society Committee Members 2017/18
William Donaldson (1991-1996)
John Fisher (1968-1973)
James Greaves (1990-1995)
Lawrence Howard (2006-2011)
Paul Lawrence (2001-2008)
David Metcalfe (1998-2003)
Claire Morphy (1990-1992)
Michael Nicholson (1957-1961)
Charlie Parry (1981-1985)
Andrew Scott-Priestley (1958-1962)
William Skinner (1982-1987)
Hon. Anna Sterling (2000-2001)
Andy Wells (1979-1986)