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The Pangbourne Community


Everyone who has been through Pangbourne, whether as a parent, pupil, staff member, volunteer or friend, is a member of the Pangbourne Community. The wider community is made up of several volunteer-run groups, including the Old Pangbournian Society, the Pangbourne Parents' Association and the Parents of Old Pangbournians. Find out more about each group by clicking on the links. 

The 'Pangbourne Association' is the name given to the community as a whole, functioning as the umbrella group uniting all its members. You can read the purpose and rules of the Pangbourne Association below.

Finally, if you would like to get involved in some way, we have plenty of opportunities to participate in events, volunteer and give. Please check the Support Us section to find out more. 

Pangbourne Association

What is the Pangbourne Association?

The Pangbourne College Association is the overarching body uniting stakeholders and their families, past and present, with the College and with each other.

The committee is made up of representatives from the Old Pangbournian Society, The Pangbourne Parents’ Association, The Parents’ of Old Pangbournians’ Society and the College.

The Association is charged with the following mission:

The Pangbourne College Association is the focus and means by which all Pangbournians can maintain their link with the College and with each other in the UK and around the world. The Association exists to support both the College and all Pangbournians past and present. The Association works together with the Governors and the Headmaster to ensure the continuing success and prosperity of the College.

The Association has no role in College educational or administrative matters.

The aims of the Pangbourne College Association are:

  1. The development and promotion of enduring relations between the College and its stakeholders, past and present.
  2. The development and promotion of friendly relations between stakeholder groups.
  3. To promote the interests of stakeholders equally and proportionately and to promote unitied action in any scheme supporting and furthering the interests and prosperity of the College.

Principal Tasks

These aims are met by the Association undertaking the following principal tasks:

  1. Maintenance of records including databases holding details of former pupils and their families, where current and available.
  2. Where the request is bona fide and reasonable and is categorically not for commercial purposes, to provide former pupils with sufficient details with which to contact other Old Pangbournians.
  3. To provide assistance to any recognised stakeholder group wishing to organise a social or special interest event, club or group which does not run contrary to College interests.
  4. In line with the College communication strategy to provide assistance with the production of publications (traditional/electronic) published by any particular, recognised stakeholder group.
  5. To consider annual budget requests from stakeholder groups and, following agreement from the Board of Governors of Pangbourne College, to apportion funds so that each group may carry out their duties and responsibilities.
  6. To provide assistance with the recruitment of members for the stakeholder groups.



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