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Centenary Charity

The Pangbourne Centenary Charity was founded during the 2016-17 Centenary Year. It has two main aims:

  1. To support local charities which focus on child and youth development, particularly on projects which enrich the educational (in the broadest sense of the word) environment.
  2. To support our ongoing partnership with the Nabugabo Community Learning Centre in Uganda.

To date, nearly £40,000 has been raised for the Pangbourne Centenary Charity, and in May 2018 we were delighted to announce our first two grants to local organisations.

The Footsteps Centre, based in Wallingford, offers therapy and rehabilitation for disabled children. Our grant will enable them to offer their 'Spider' therapy, improving mobility and posture for disabled children.

Aspire2 is a charity based in Whitley, south Reading. It aims to provide enriching and educational experiences for children from the Whitley Excellence Cluster of schools. The grant from the Centenary Charity will be used to stage a poetry competition across the 11 schools. 

The next funding round will open in early 2019, and an application form will be available on this webpage.