The ‘Pangbournian Society’ is a community for all Pangbournians, with activities coordinated by several volunteer groups: the Old Pangbournian Society, the Pangbourne Parents’ Association and the Parents of Old Pangbournians.

All of the different elements of the community are brought together by the Pangbournian Portal.

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The Pangbournian Society’s Mission, Aims and Responsibilities

The Society upholds the following mission:

The Pangbournian Society is the focus and means by which all Pangbournians can maintain their link with the College and with each other in the UK and around the world. The Society exists to support both the College and all Pangbournians past and present. The Society works together with the Governors and the Headmaster to ensure the continuing success and prosperity of the College.

The Society has no role in College educational or administrative matters.

The aims of the Pangbournian Society are:

  1. The development and promotion of enduring relations between the College and its stakeholders, past and present.
  2. The development and promotion of friendly relations between stakeholder groups.
  3. To promote the interests of stakeholders equally and proportionately and to promote united action in any scheme supporting and furthering the interests and prosperity of the College.

These aims are met by the Society undertaking the following principal tasks:

  1. Maintenance of records including databases holding details of former pupils and their families, where current and available.
  2. Where the request is bona fide and reasonable and is categorically not for commercial purposes, to provide former pupils with sufficient details with which to contact other Pangbournians.
  3. To provide assistance to any recognised stakeholder group wishing to organise a social or special interest event, club or group which does not run contrary to College interests.
  4. In line with the College communication strategy to provide assistance with the production of publications (traditional/electronic) published by any particular, recognised stakeholder group.
  5. To consider annual budget requests from stakeholder groups and, following agreement from the Board of Governors of Pangbourne College, to apportion funds so that each group may carry out their duties and responsibilities.
  6. To provide assistance with the recruitment of members for the stakeholder groups.

The Old Pangbournian Society keeps our alumni - known as Old Pangbournians (OPs) - in touch with each other and the College as a whole. It upholds and supports Pangbourne’s ethos and traditions through undertaking a number of initiatives, whether academic, sporting, cultural or social.

Every pupil becomes a member of the OP Society on their graduation. Membership is free, and OPs receive the annual OP Magazine, regular email newsletters and invitations to various events. A voluntary committee elected at an annual general meeting manages the society, and all OPs may stand for election.

We encourage all OPs to get involved with the OP Society, whether by organising/attending an event or letting us know what you’ve been up to since leaving Pangbourne! The best way to do this is via the dedicated Pangbournian Portal where you can create an account, share your news and keep up to date with other OPs.

The Pangbourne Parents’ Association (PPA) is a voluntary organisation which raises funds for projects at the College whilst providing social opportunities for parents of pupils. All parents are automatically part of this association at no cost whilst their children are at Pangbourne.

The committee holds meetings once every half-term which all parents are welcome to join. For further information, please visit the Pangbournian Portal.

All parents whose children have left Pangbourne are warmly welcomed to continue participating in community events for as long as they wish. Parents of Old Pangbournians (POPs) receive a termly newsletter via email with news in, along with the Ensign magazine twice a year. They will also receive invites to events at the College, with some such as the Remembrance Sunday Lunch being organised specifically for POPs. For further information, please visit the Pangbournian Portal.

Pangbourne College is a registered charity (Registered Charity No. 309096) with the aims of advancing education - including day and boarding provision - and providing subsidised education via bursaries for students who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford the fees. Maintenance of our Grade II listed buildings and The Falkland Islands Memorial Chapel (a national memorial site) is included in the work of the charitable company.

There are many ways you can support Pangbourne’s provision of education in addition to fundraising.

Careers & Mentoring

We are grateful for the support of OPs and parents who share their personal expertise with our pupils in a number of ways:

  • Careers Day Speaker: Each year members of our community across a wide range of career sectors come to Pangbourne to speak to Sixth Formers. These volunteers range from Old Pangbournians to current and former parents, and sit on Q&A panels and meet with pupils to give advice.
  • Volunteer Interviewer: We also run a ‘Mock Interview’ Day for Lower Sixth where guests with experience in interviewing run mock interviews for our pupils.
  • General Studies Speaker: Are you someone doing something particularly interesting which you’d like to share with our pupils? Our ‘General Studies’ lecture series is always looking for more stories for our pupils to listen to from interesting speakers on thought-provoking topics, topical discussions or inspiring subjects.

If any of these opportunities are something you can get involved in, please get in touch to let us know: [email protected].


An essential part of the Pangbourne community are volunteers who selflessly donate their time to further our educational efforts.

  • Committee volunteers run alumni and community groups. Old Pangbournians and honorary Old Pangbournians can get involved with the OP Society meeting, current parents and staff can join the PPA Committee, and former parents can get involved through POPs. Oftentimes being a committee volunteer involves termly meetings and occasional events.
  • Alumni representatives keep the Pangbourne community bonded through connecting fellow Old Pangbournians to one another.

To get involved with volunteering roles, please get in contact with us ([email protected]) - we’d love to hear from you!

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