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Bring Your Own Device

'The Connected & Disconnected College'

The Connected

BRING YOUR OWN DEVICE from September 2018

The use and growth of personal technology in learning is widespread in schools around the UK and is firmly embedded at Pangbourne. Many teachers, subjects and departments make extensive use of these devices in lessons and for Prep, particularly in public exam classes. As a result, the College has been recommending that all students have a minimum level of equipment to complete GCSE and A Level courses. 

From September 2018 we wish to make the next step in this evolution by requiring all pupils in Forms 4 to Upper Sixth to have a productive IT device for all lessons. 

The College network supports a wide range of devices and operating systems including Windows 10, Apple Mac OS X and iOS, Google Chrome OS and Android. The choice of device is normally a matter of personal preference. However, as the device will be used for productive activities including word processing we recommend a device specification as follows:


  • Minimum screen size of 10 inches with a recommendation of 12 inches;
  • A full-sized physical keyboard, suitable for the device;
  • Wi-Fi connectivity;
  • Battery life of 7 hours or more as stated by the manufacturer;
  • Audio output, via headphone jack or Bluetooth;
  • A suitably robust case to protect the device

Please note: whereas a tablet paired with a keyboard may meet these requirements, a smartphone will not support the extended use for academic work. If you are thinking of making a specific purchase, there are many types of Chromebook available at around £180 that are more than adequate.


Google Suite is the preferred productivity software; it is web-based and will work on any device with a web browser. However, some subjects (e.g. Art, Computer Science, Design Technology) may use specialist software that is only available for Windows. This software will continue to be available on College PCs.

We also require that appropriate antivirus / anti-malware software is installed.

Insurance and Storage

Personal devices are not covered by the College insurance policy. It is usual for such devices to be covered by domestic household insurance and we advise you to consult your policy details. We will also be providing details to you of a new optional insurance scheme that will cover all personal effects, including PCs and laptops. This cover will be available from the start of Michaelmas Term 2018 and details will be forwarded to all parents during the summer. However, as now, it will be the responsibility of an individual to look after their own possessions and we will be stressing this to all the pupils. The device should be stored in their cabin or locker when not in use.


The Disconnected

Mobile Phones

The College has, for some time, had a set of Mobile Phones Guidelines that were produced by the pupils and staff in consultation. These guidelines have proven to be very effective in allowing pupils to put down their devices and commit to their group activity, be it lunch, lesson or social time. With BYOD and amid growing concern about teenage mental health and the impact of being always connected, we will be reviewing these guidelines over the coming term.  Review options will range from excluding mobile phones from pupil possession during the working hours of the College to the always off but in possession that is closer to our current situation.  Whilst we would naturally as an institution veer towards education over exclusion, we are conscious on this issue that respite from connectivity may require exclusion of mobiles.  We will of course keep you update date with views and welcome your input.  Please email Will Williams if you have feedback you would like to include in our review.