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Gifted and Talented

Individual departments offer extension opportunities for their pupils, usually in the form of extra classes, trips, outside speakers and societies.

These are usually available to all pupils in a subject and are intended to inspire and challenge students while fostering a wider enjoyment of learning. In addition, an exciting programme of events is provided for scholars and pupils identified as gifted and talented.

For example, the Gifted and Talented sports programme aims to improve the range, provision and quality of teaching, coaching and learning for talented students in order to raise their aspirations and improve their performance, motivation and self-esteem. The sports programme aims to encourage more talented young sports people to join junior clubs and to both develop and strengthen the relationship between schools and National Governing Bodies in supporting talented students.

Students in the Sixth Form who have been identified as likely to benefit from an extra challenge are invited to attend Gifted and Talented group meetings which are designed to extend the most able academic pupils.

Individual subject departments run Extension Groups and any pupils applying to Oxbridge or other highly-competitive courses will be given interview training as part of the Gifted and Talented Programme.

Upper Sixth students applying to Oxbridge, medical school or other similar competitive courses are assigned a Mentor, a teacher from a relevant department who will guide them through the application process. Mentors provide guidance on all aspects of the application, from the personal statement to admissions tests to interview.