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13+ (Year 9) Entry



Key Dates and Process

Download 13+ Key Admission Dates 2019

Download 13+ Key Admissions Dates 2020

Download 13+ Key Admissions Dates 2021

Prospective pupils will be required to take computer based tests in English, Mathematics and Reasoning Skills. An interview will be held with a senior member of staff and candidates are required to provide copies of recent school reports.

We will ask for a reference from the candidate’s current school and once the assessment process is complete, we will notify parents and guardians with offers of places which will need to be formally accepted.

Admission at other stages may be possible, places permitting - please contact the Registrar on 0118 976 7415.  

KS4 Curriculum

In Form 3 (Year 9), pupils joining the College will have normally sat Common Entrance exams. Those results, alongside information gathered from a pupil's previous school, help place individuals into sets in relevant subjects.

Pupils are set broadly by ability in Mathematics, English, Science and Humanities. For practical subjects, classes are of mixed ability.

Studying Latin is also an option in Form 3, but is currently taught off timetable.