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International Students


All pupils are tested before entry to ensure they have a suitable level of English to participate widely in the life of the College and perform ably in GCSE and A Level courses.

All overseas students must take English and Mathematics tests before a place can be offered by the College.

The letter sent by Admissions offering pupils a place at the College states that pupils will be expected to take English as an Additional Language lessons if necessary at an extra cost.

Students with English as an Additional Language will be assessed according to their national qualifications and language skills.

On arrival at the College, new pupils are retested and extra support with specialist EAL teachers is offered on a small group or individual basis, according to need, to help students to reach their full potential and to gain the necessary English qualifications required for entry into the Sixth Form or University.

English language skills are developed in the four areas of reading, writing, listening, speaking, and by expanding vocabulary, grammar and cultural awareness. Particular emphasis is placed on communicative skills. In addition, support may be given for other academic areas as the need arises.


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