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Sixth Form Entry


The two Sixth Form years are generally the most enjoyable and memorable of the Pangbourne experience. It is a time when students take control of their subjects with a greater emphasis on independent learning.

Entry to the Sixth Form depends on the achievement of five grade 4 GSCEs (formerly Cs in the previous grading structure). However, this general entry criteria needs to be matched against the more specific subject entry criteria as set out which tends to be the more rigorous hurdle.

In practice, most of our students achieve a 7 (formerly an A) or better at GCSE in the subjects they continue to A Level, and a pass in any subjects they take as a BTEC.

Download our Guide to Choosing A Levels 2019-2020 here

Other Points to Consider

  • The individual Head of Department, in consultation with the Head of Sixth Form, may accept a student with less than the minimum requirements for a subject. However, there is no right of entry.
  • English as a Second Language students will be assessed in light of their national qualifications and their language skills.
  • All overseas students must undergo English and Maths tests, as organised by the College, before a place can be offered.
  • Science subjects: for those who did Core and Additional Science at GCSE, 6 (formerly a B) is the minimum entry for Biology and Chemistry, but experience suggests 7 (formerly an A) grades are more likely to succeed and is the minimum entry for Physics.
  • Attitude is more important than ability: endeavour and enthusiasm are vital for A Level success.

Sixth Form Awards and Bursaries

Pangbourne College seeks to attract and reward excellence in academic study, in the Performing Arts and in sport.

The College offers a limited number of awards for Sixth Form entrants to the College for excellence in the following fields:

  • Academic study
  • Art, Music and Drama
  • Sport

In fairness to current Form 5 pupils, we also actively seek those whose progression and contribution merit Sixth Form Awards in these areas. A number of Honorary Scholarships are awarded in the year leading up to the September entry to the Sixth Form. There is no application process for internal awards; pupils are nominated by members of staff and awards are considered by a committee of senior leaders.

All awards are made for a maximum of two years and are subject to performance.

The College offers a limited number of means-tested bursary awards. Recipients of a Sixth Form award may also apply for a bursary in cases of clear financial need.

For external Sixth Form applicants to the College, further details of the awards described above can be obtained from the Registrar by calling 0118 9767 415, or by sending an email request.