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A-Level and BTECs

Most pupils at Pangbourne College start by selecting four subjects in the Lower Sixth, but by the Michaelmas half term, many will have identified their three key subjects.

A majority of them will also undertake an Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) or Core Maths or a similar extra string to their bow. Higher tier universities do seem to be impressed by an additional academic achievement such as the EPQ, Core Maths or similar qualifications which can be attained alongside the three key subjects.

A Levels at Pangbourne College are taught in a linear fashion – i.e. exams are sat at the end of two year courses. We hold internal College Exams in the Summer Term of the Lower Sixth as well as Trial Exams in the January of the Upper Sixth by way of preparation.

In addition to A Levels, Pangbourne College offers BTECs in a limited number of subjects: Design Technology, Music and PE. We are also considering introducing BTECs in Travel and Tourism, and Business in the near future. Although BTECs have traditionally been associated with continuous assessment, there are now terminal exams at the end of these courses after recent reforms.

The College recognises that the ideal Sixth Form class size has between 8 and 12 students, but classes can be smaller or slightly larger.