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Results and University Destinations

Most Pangbournians do still proceed to university. Others proceed to Art College or Drama School and a few to universities outside the UK. The majority go on to some form of further education, though increasingly apprenticeships and other forms of work-related learning are attracting a minority of our leavers.

A Sixth Form student’s ideas about further education should evolve during the Lower Sixth year, hardening into preferences for specific courses and institutions during the Summer Term and summer holidays.

Pangbourne College offers a carefully planned programme during this research period. Tutors will regularly consult with you about your further education options and which of these offers the best prospects. There is a well-stocked Careers/Higher Education room with staff guidance available.

View 2015 - 2018 University Destinations here


Thinking About The Future

All Lower Sixth students sit the Centigrade questionnaire - a programme which matches interests, personal qualities and abilities with courses, and selects for appropriate groups of courses by subject area, ability range and by geographical region. Students receive their own personal report in a bound folder. Midway through the Lent Term of the Lower Sixth year, there is a meeting for parents and students to launch the Higher Education process.

Applying via UCAS and University Open Days

We then escort the entire year group to a UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service) Convention at the end of that term. This is followed by key briefing sessions for the year group culminating in ‘UCAS Day’ as part of the ‘Taking Responsibility’ Course.

Students are encouraged to visit relevant university open days and highly encouraged to take part in any taster courses. In the Michaelmas Term of the Upper Sixth, students, in harness with their tutors, apply through UCAS for up to five chosen courses and institutions. We place the very highest emphasis on the compilation of positive references and the meticulous filling in of the application form, particularly the student’s personal statement. This can often go through half a dozen drafts to bring it to the right pitch.

Apprenticeships and University Prep

We also supervise applications to non-university courses or apprenticeships. Some students will be called for interview – and each student will undergo trial interview practice, often conducted by an outside expert.

By the end of March, most institutions will have made their decisions, allowing candidates to hold one firm and one insurance offer for a university place. When results arrive in August, universities confirm the places of all those who have met their requirements.

Support After Results

There is a safety net (Clearing) for those who have not met the conditions of their chosen institutions but who may gain acceptance elsewhere.Throughout the post-result period, a team of Pangbourne staff, led by the Head of Sixth Form, is available for consultation and lobbying to secure these valuable places.