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Gifted and Talented

The Gifted and Talented programme at Pangbourne is overseen by a Gifted and Talented Coordinator, whose role is to run a programme of enrichment and extension for both scholars in all disciplines plus those identified pupils who will benefit from additional support.  Additionally, individual departments offer extension opportunities for their pupils, usually in the form of extra classes, trips, outside speakers and societies.

Some of the extension programmes available in 2018-19 included:

Academic Breakfasts. These gave pupils from multiple year groups the chance to come together and discuss a theme over croissants and coffee. Previous topics included Leadership, Drugs in Sport and other topical news items. 

Form 4 Leadership Programme. Gifted and Talented pupils were encouraged to apply to different departments for projects and extension activities in an area of interest to them but slightly different from their ‘normal’ academic load. Some of the projects on offer included marketing & social media, charities, drama and Design Technology.

Euler Society. One of two mathematics extension societies available to interested Sixth Form students, the club engages in challenges (including an annual Christmas ‘Race to the Pole’) and discussion, all in a friendly and fun atmosphere.  Members of these societies compete annually in the UK Maths Trust Senior Mathematics Challenge, in 2018-19 winning their regional heat. 

Oxbridge Application. Those Sixth Form students on track to apply to Oxford, Cambridge or other highly competitive universities are assigned a mentor, tracked from their Lower Sixth year, and receive additional application and interview training. Advice is also available for those pupils wishing to apply to universities in the USA.