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The Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education (PSHCE) programme at Pangbourne aims to encourage pupils to develop understanding of the College's ethos and Flag Values, develop mutual respect and take responsibility for their health and well-being.

The PSHCE Department help pupils to reach out to the community, both locally in and around Pangbourne and the wider world, by fundraising for charitable initiatives and engaging with visitors to the College to become better citizens. The College actively seeks to engage with the Pangbourne village community and partner school, the Nabugabo Community Learning Centre (NCLC) in Uganda, to bring the PSHCE programme to life.

PSHCE is a non-examined subject which is delivered as part of Pangbourne's tutorial programme and special events are held throughout the year.

Students in Forms 1 to 3 have one designated PSHCE period within the fortnightly curriculum and one tutorial period per week on the subject with topics discussed including friends and friendships, bullying and teasing, feelings and emotions, healthy eating and the Pangbourne Flag Values.

Students in Forms 4 and 5 have two designated PSHCE periods within the fortnightly curriculum, if they are not studying RS, and all have scheduled PSHCE periods in their tutor groups. The modules studied in Forms 4 and 5 include beliefs and values, citizenship, racism, study and revision skills for GCSE, drug awareness, the cost of living, careers and preparing for the Sixth Form.

In the Sixth Form, PSHCE is delivered through the General Studies programme and in tutor groups. Among the special events held at Pangbourne by the Department are Fairtrade Fortnight and a mock General Election for the whole school, while a wide variety of visiting guests speak about their experiences working in disciplines such as veterinary nursing, the Army, sports coaching and finance and there are occasional trips to further pupils' understanding of particular PSHCE topics.