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Harbinger Division is located in the main school building next to Devitt tower and is the closest house to both the Mess Hall and the medical centre.

Harbinger's ultimate aim is to nurture young men who will emerge from Pangbourne with a wide range of knowledge and variety of experiences which will enrich their lives long after they have left the Division.

Harbinger’s mascot is a lion, the Division colours are Gold and Black, and the Division emblem is the Harbinger ship.

Harbinger’s bespoke House Values are Achieve, Believe, Succeed and the Motto is In Cublie Leonum Intrate which means ‘Welcome to the Lions’ Den’.

Harbinger is named after one of the clipper ships belonging to the Devitt and Moore shipping company that first set up Pangbourne as a Nautical College in 1917 before it took the name Pangbourne College and then later became a co-educational school.

Housemaster, Mr Daniel Paynter with his partner, Miss Waller, who is also a teacher here at the College.


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