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Harbinger Division is located in the main school building next to Devitt tower and is the closest house to both the Mess Hall and the medical centre.

Harbinger's ultimate aim is to nurture young men who will emerge from Pangbourne with a wide range of knowledge and variety of experiences which will enrich their lives long after they have left the Division.

Harbinger’s mascot is a lion, the Division colours are Gold and Black, and the Division emblem is the Harbinger ship.

Harbinger’s bespoke House Values are Achieve, Believe, Succeed and the Motto is In Cublie Leonum Intrate which means ‘Welcome to the Lions’ Den’.

Harbinger is named after one of the clipper ships belonging to the Devitt and Moore shipping company that first set up Pangbourne as a Nautical College in 1917 before it took the name Pangbourne College and then later became a co-educational school.

Housemaster, Mr Daniel Paynter with his partner, Miss Waller, who is also a teacher here at the College.


More on Harbinger

What is the 'Pride'?

Boys across all year groups get along with one another and are put into a Pride (teams of six boys with at least one from each year group), for which they try to earn Pride points for any notable achievement.

At the end of each month, the Pride which has accumulated the most points is rewarded with a prize and this adds to the friendly, inter-house rivalry, creating healthy competition.

Opportunities for The Boys

The Gunroom (Common Room) acts as the main focal point for Harbinger for House meetings and events, while there is a TV room with beanbags, sofas and Sky TV, a brand new state of the art kitchen with a smart TV and an ICT suite with six computers.

At least twice a term, the boys are invited to the Housemaster’s flat for hot chocolate and pizza which is a great opportunity for everyone to socialise in an informal environment.

Harbinger prides itself on always putting their best foot forward, 'work hard play hard' and as a result have achieved a great deal of success. They have won the Parade Cup 6 out of 7 times, the boys and overall sports cup (2016 & 2017) and won the Divisional music competition in 2014 and 2016.

Meet the Housemaster and the Team


  • Mr Daniel Paynter joined the College at the beginning of the 2012-13 academic year. He teaches Physics, Biology and Psychology throughout the age groups. He is also the Director of Hockey for both the boys and the girls. 

Assistant Housemaster

  • Mr Stewart McKane, who is Head of Science at the College, Data Manager and Head of Physics.


  • Mrs Wendy Saddington is in her 23rd year in the role and has a wealth of experience in dealing with pastoral matters. Mrs Saddington takes care of the boys’ day-to-day living and provides the Division with daily food treats. She has an ‘open door’ policy and her priority is making sure all the boys in the Division are happy and feel supported.

Visiting Tutors

  • Mr Andy Sumner
  • Mr Sam Hewick


  • Mrs Rosa Jurek