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Pangbourne College

On Thursday 19 October the College welcomed Commodore Jonathan Fry, Head of Youth and Cadets in the Ministry of Defence, as Reviewing Officer of the Combined Cadet Force (CCF) Biennial Inspection.

The day began with a presentation given by the Contingent Commander and the senior cadets of each section in the Old Library. This was followed by a walk-around and a chance to meet the cadets of each section whilst carrying out training. 

The DofE section showed off their teamwork skills with the milk crate challenge on the high ropes course.  How high four cadets can get standing on milk crates turned into a real team building event.  

The Army section concentrated on weapon training, field craft skills and a leadership task of crossing a river with only a few pieces of equipment that included some old ropes, planks and a tyre.

The Royal Marine cadets demonstrated survival skills which included building shelters, gathering water, fire lighting and catching and preparing animals for eating.  A venison stew and fresh mackerel was on offer which went down extremely well with the visiting guests. 

 It was then down to the river for a trip out on the RN Champ (a small boat that takes 6 – 8 cadets) and a chance for the cadets to talk about their sailing experiences.

The inspection was completed with a final parade at which time the Commodore promoted a large number of the cadets.

Overall a very successful inspection, Commodore Fry went away with the impression of a thriving and well organised CCF.  The Cadets, once again were motivated, engaging and enthusiastic which made for a great day. 



Reporting by Regimental Sergeant Major Mr Colin Hearn


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