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Lower Sixth attend Maths in Action 2021 Day
Rachel Bampton



The annual ‘Maths in Action’ day, run by The Training Partnership, went online this year and was attended on Monday 26 April by some of our Lower Sixth A Level students.They were wowed, entertained, bamboozled, and bedazzled with five themed presentations from working Mathematicians. 

The more informative talks focused on how maths is used to fight disease, with particular attention to fighting bacteria and infection, as well as bad statistics. The latter demonstrated how the media often simplifies and/or amplifies data, does not deal with uncertainty, and often assumes causal effect where none is proven.

In between, Bobby Seagull, University Challenge winner, picked his dream team of mathematicians for a University Challenge team and examined some of the historical impact they had made in the field of maths. Vicky Neale, Whitehead Lecturer at the University of Oxford's Mathematical Institute, gave an excellent interactive presentation on pattern searching when looking to count factors. Alex Bellos, of The Guardian Maths puzzle fame, challenged the students with a series of puzzles.

Mr Mark Skidmore, Head of Maths, said, ‘All who attended enjoyed the variety and scope of the maths covered. It is just a shame this is the only event of its type, so far, this academic year.’

If anyone wishes to follow the contributors, they can be found on social media: @sarajabbari81; @bobby_seagull; @vickymaths1729; and @alexbellos