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Port Jackson pupil receives 2-year cricket EPP contract
Rachel Bampton


Congratulations to our Lower Sixth (Year 12) pupil, Liam Turnbull, for an excellent cricket achievement. He has received an EPP contract for the Isle of Wight county cricket board - a 2-year sponsorship for emerging players. This opportunity will provide Liam with the necessary support and guidance needed to pursue a potential professional career.

Throughout the Summer, Liam will be playing 29 days of county EPP cricket, alongside games for the minor county men’s first 11. He will train twice weekly during the Winter and play in under 18 games as one of the county’s sponsored individuals. 
Commitment and determination were the leading factors in Liam’s cricket success. Dedicating the majority of his weekends to training, Liam has been practising and refining his skills since the age of 10.

Director of Sport, Mr Sam Hewick, commented, ‘Pangbourne College has recently introduced the Sports Performance Programme (SPP), designed to support pupils on their journey through performance sport. Liam will be supported by this new initiative and will receive additional 1-2-1 coaching plus strength and conditioning support. He’ll also be provided with sport psychology support and careful management of his academic workload in combination with sporting commitments. Liam is part of the ‘Gold’ programme where he receives enhanced support throughout his time in the sixth-form.’

In a recent match, Liam hit 92 for Oxford Downs in an opening partnership of 170 vs Thame. Taking out two wickets, he hit over 16 boundaries and batted to 242 over 38 overs chasing down 288.

We wish him the best of luck in this exciting new adventure and cannot wait to see what he accomplishes. A massive well done from everyone here at Pangbourne College.