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Athletics is a boys’ and girls’ sport in the Summer term which sees around 30-40 senior school students participate four times a week.

Girls in Forms 3 and 4 have the opportunity to choose athletics as their main sport, practicing four times a week, however, boys in Forms 3 and 4 can incorporate athletics into their cricket programme, training once out of four sports sessions per week.

Dunbar (Forms 1 and 2) students have the opportunity to experience athletics as part of their sports programme and they get additional athletics timetabled into their PE lessons.

The aim of athletics is to provide an alternative sport which builds core skills that will benefit students in their other chosen sports.

The athletics programme consists of one in six strength and conditioning sessions and the rest of the time the students are out on the Whites Playing Fields concentrating on track and field events, with the pupils normally picking one track and field event to focus on.

Pangbourne offers plyometric training - a method of training muscle elastic strength and explosiveness to enhance athletic performance – particularly focusing on flexibility, strength, and the specific technique each student needs to work on for their chosen event.

Pangbourne provides a 400-metre grass running track as well as long jump, high jump, discus, shotput and javelin facilities.

The athletics programme consists of large Inter-School meets on Saturday afternoons competing against schools such as Lord Wandsworth, St Mary’s Ascot and Bradfield College.

The highlight of the athletics calendar is the hotly-contested Inter-Divisional Athletics competition in which the whole school participates.

Elite athletes are entered into the West Berkshire School Championships and, in recent years, many boys and girls have gone on to represent West Berkshire in the Berkshire School Championships. The athletics programme is going from strength to strength.