Ethos and Flag Values

Our mission is to be a caring community of learners in which pupils from all backgrounds can flourish. 

We enable pupils to succeed academically and to develop character with a curriculum that provides challenge and adventure. We equip pupils with the values, knowledge, skills and confidence needed to grasp opportunities and make a positive difference to the world. We seek to increase the diversity and quality of our pupil body through the provision of transformational bursaries

Our values, known as our Flag Values are shared by staff and pupils:

  • Kindness - showing compassion and consideration for others regardless of their background.

  • Selflessness - extending a helping hand to others. Service to others is a cornerstone of our naval history and traditions.
  • Moral Courage - having the strength of character to take action in difficult circumstances.
  • Initiative - confidently choosing to take the lead and create change.
  • Industry - dedication to hard work and striving to meet expectations.
  • Resilience - the ability to keep going and pick ourselves up in the face of setbacks.
  • Integrity - being honest, reliable and delivering on our promises.
  • Respect - to admire someone or something deeply as a result of their abilities, quality or achievements and to have due regard for someone’s feelings, wishes or rights.

How we deliver our ethos

We enable young people to flourish by providing challenge and inspiring learning through a relevant and adventurous curriculum that develops character within the context of a caring community.

Our ethos infographic


What makes our ethos distinctive?

Christian Foundations

Pangbourne has a Christian ethos, expressed by our Flag Values and the central place of our Chapel, but we welcome pupils and staff from all faiths and none. We encourage pupils to think, to ask lots of questions about our world, ourselves, other people and God, as well as listening to the questions and ideas of others, so that they can reach their own conclusions. 

Our ethos encourages us to treat everyone with dignity. We respect the contributions each can make and accept them, and try to show humility and the willingness to forgive in our relationships.

Ceremonial Traditions

Our uniform and ceremonial traditions, and the importance we attach to teamwork, leadership and service, set us apart from other independent schools. Parades bring pupils, staff, parents, former pupils (OPs) and other stakeholders in the College together at least seven times a year. This helps to generate the strong community spirit for which we are known.

To learn more, download Our Ethos document here.

Pangbourne's naval heritage provides the framework for a rounded education, turning out self-assured young adults who are neither arrogant nor entitled. The school is small, down-to-earth and well managed. Clear boundaries make pupils of all abilities feel safe and able to develop the self-confidence to realise their potential. With a caring staff body, the school is hitting the spot with local parents.

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