The Pangbourne College shop is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 3:00pm and sells a full range of items for day-to-day campus life.

This is the only place where the Pangbourne uniform and sportswear can be purchased, with new pupils arranging uniform appointments for a personal fitting service the summer before they join the College. Two seamstresses are available to alter students’ uniform, and the shop manager and assistant are also on hand to help out.

Book a uniform fitting

Pangbourne pupils each have an account looked after by the shop to which any purchases throughout the year can be charged and then added to their termly bill. This ensures they can access essential items without the need to carry cash,

Old Pangbournian memorabilia is also available for purchase, including ties, scarves and books.

Contact the Shop Manager, Mrs Karen Townsend at [email protected] or on 0118 976 7476.

College Shop Purchases

Pupils have the ability to buy items from the school shop, with the cost appearing on the following term's invoice. 

Old School Uniform

Pangbourne College is registered on the Old School Uniform website:

This is a free website which facilitates the purchase and sale of outgrown school uniform for the benefit of parents and the environment. Please check the current clothing list (below) before purchasing any uniform via this website. 


For clothing lists, please refer to the relevant Uniform List:

Senior Uniform List

Dunbar Uniform List

Sixth Form Boys

  • Business suit: classic style in navy blue or dark grey. Suit trousers and jackets must match. Subtle stripes are acceptable. Heavily tapered or ‘drainpipe’ trouser legs are not.
  • Shirts: white or pale coloured, long-sleeved. Shirts should be of formal construction, with proper stiff boned collars, placket fronts, and stiff interlined cuffs. Casual shirts with short soft collars are not allowed. No bold patterns, stripes, or check or dark coloured shirts. No coloured shirts with white collars. A College tie should be worn when engaged in school-related activities.
  • Jumpers: v-neck, plain navy blue, or dark grey. Must not display logos. 
  • Shoes: black, polishable lace-up shoes in Oxford style. Slip-on shoes or loafers are not acceptable.

If you have any questions about whether a particular style is suitable, please check with your Housemaster.


Sixth Form Girls

  • Business suit: smart, tailored jacket and skirt in navy, black, charcoal or dark grey. Jacket must be button up (two or three buttons) non-cropped, and have lapels. Pockets should also not be zipped. Any pinstripes must be discrete. Skirts should be straight (pencil) worn on or just above the knee with moderate split and no frills. Tube or lycra skirts are not acceptable.
  • Blouses: collared or fitted shirt. Must be capable of being worn tucked neatly into the skirt. Must be single pastel colour and not be see-through or revealing.
  • Shoes and tights: flat, black shoes. Black tights.

If you have any questions about whether a particular style is suitable, please check with your Housemistress.


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