At Pangbourne, we are lucky to have a catering team that understands the demands of the busy life of the College. They produce breakfast, lunch, and dinner for our community using only fresh ingredients and with a diverse and plentiful selection, handcrafted by the chef team. 

Not only do we have a choice of two hot meals, with alternative vegetarian and vegan options, but the team also provides a fully loaded and colourful salad bar, along with pasta and jacket potatoes, and tasty desserts.

Catering at PangbourneSample Menu

To further support the hustle and bustle of school life, our catering team prepares bespoke and nutritious packed lunches for when the pupils are away from College during meal times. 

Outside of the school timetable, our team creates unique menus designed specifically for events such as Divisional Dinners, Leavers’ Ball, and the Falkland Islands Memorial Service. 

To ensure that our pupils and staff are satisfied, and are able to have a voice when it comes to the food they are being offered, we hold Food Forums, committees, and meetings between each division and the catering team. This guarantees that the food on offer will always remain relevant to the tastes of the community. 

Serving Hours

Breakfast: 7:30-8am

Lunch: 12:30-1:30pm

Supper: 6-6:45pm

One day last week my daughter came home and announced that the lunch had been 'the best school lunch that she has had in the past 8 years'. I can't tell you what high praise that is, coming from my daughter, one of the world's most 'particular' eaters!

Carolyn Robb, Chef

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