ISI Inspection Report

During our full ISI Inspection in November 2019, Pangbourne was judged as ‘Excellent’ in every category.

The judgements in the inspection are based on positive pupil outcomes, and key findings in the report concluded that both pupils’ personal development and achievements were excellent. Key extracts from the report for each of these categories are highlighted below.

Academic and Other Achievements

  • Pupils demonstrate excellent communication skills: they write with fluency and articulate challenging concepts with confidence and clarity.
  • Pupils have excellent information and communication technology (ICT) skills and use them competently to support their learning.
  • Pupils achieve highly in a wide range of academic and other areas such as sports, music and outdoor pursuits.
  • Pupils demonstrate exemplary attitudes to learning: they respond to academic challenge with energy and purpose.

Pupils demonstrate exemplary attitudes to learning: they respond to academic challenge with energy and purpose.

Independent Schools Inspection, 2019

Pupils demonstrate great respect for each other, and individuals from diverse backgrounds say that they feel valued and fully included in their boarding houses, lessons and activities.

ISI Inspection Report, November 2019

Pupils wholeheartedly subscribe to the school's welcoming mantra of 'Team Pangbourne', freely embracing cultural diversity as enriching their educational experience.

ISI Inspection, November 2019

Sports teams consistently achieve success in local, regional and national competitions with a significant number of pupils representing the county in a wide range of sports.

ISI Inspection Report, November 2019

Personal Development

  • Pupils have high levels of self-esteem and self-confidence: they show resilience, perseverance and a determination to succeed.
  • Pupils enjoy working collaboratively: they show commitment to each other and a desire to achieve common goals together.
  • Pupils undertake roles of responsibility with dedication and a maturity of approach, valuing the opportunities they are given to lead and support.
  • Pupils’ moral understanding is well developed: they demonstrate a keen sense of fairness and appreciate how their decisions affect those around them and their own futures.

All of these observations are evidence of our thriving community at Pangbourne where every individual matters, is nurtured and fulfils their potential. However, we won’t be resting on our laurels; we will continue to strive for excellence in everything we do.

For more in-depth information about our latest ISI Reports, please view the documents below.

ISI Inspection Report Summary - 2019

ISI Inspection EQA Report - 2019

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