ISI Inspection Report

During our full ISI Inspection in January 2024, Pangbourne was judged in every section as meeting all statutory Independent School Standards and other applicable regulatory requirements.

From September 2023, a new ISI inspection framework came into effect placing a strong emphasis on promoting the wellbeing of pupils. A school’s ability to meet all standards in four key areas, in addition to safeguarding, form the outcome of the Inspection. Since September 2023, all schools inspected by ISI will not now receive an overall judgement, as the four former gradings have been abolished.

Key extracts from Pangbourne’s latest report for each of the main four sections are highlighted below.

Leadership and Management, and Governance

  • Leaders and governors ensure that the school successfully fulfils its aims. Governors are highly supportive and provide clear oversight of all areas of the school’s work.
  • A broad and balanced curriculum is supported by a suitably challenging programme of co-curricular activities and sports. As a result, pupils thrive and participate with enthusiasm. They develop new skills and confidence.
  • Pupils have a clear understanding and respect for diversity and promote acceptance themselves within the community.


Quality of Education, Training and Recreation

  • As they move through the school many pupils make better than expected progress relative to their starting points and achieve well in public examinations.
  • Pupils are challenged to achieve their best by reflecting on their work and highlighting areas to improve and to recognise setbacks as opportunities to reflect and learn.
  • Pupils regularly take part in a wide-ranging extra-curricular programme (...) These effectively contribute to their leadership and team-building skills. They thrive on the competition whether winning or losing, and making new and lasting friendships. This provides a highly positive contribution to their recreational time which builds confidence, team spirit and skills for life.


Pupils' Physical and Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing

  • The promotion of the school’s ‘flag values’, which serve as a basis for all behaviours, nurtures healthy relationships and communities within the school. The values underpin the school’s culture and ethos and act as a point of reference for daily living and working. 
  • The weekly parades with the marching band, a Pangbourne tradition, brings all pupils and staff together. Pupils are proud to be part of this long tradition and say that it unites them, giving them a true sense of belonging and providing a lasting memory of their time at school.
  • Leaders ensure the pastoral provision supports the emotional wellbeing needs of pupils to deal with the challenges of today’s world.


Pupils’ Social and Economic Education and Contribution to Society

  • Leaders’ promotion of the flag values actively prepares pupils for life in British society and effectively promotes British values. As a result, they become young people who are respectful, tolerant and hardworking. Pupils are ready to take their next steps with confidence and are well prepared to contribute in whatever way they can to society.
  • Pupils have a broad understanding of inclusion and can discuss their understanding of protected characteristics with confidence. Pupils demonstrated that their school is an inclusive, open community and that all pupils are valued. They demonstrate mutual respect as they live and work together in a harmonious and convivial community.



  • Governors and leaders ensure that suitable arrangements to safeguard and promote the wellbeing of pupils are effective. 
  • All standards are met.

For more in-depth information about our latest ISI Report, please view the document below.

ISI Inspection Report - 2024

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