Learning Support and EAL

In the Pangbourne community, every individual matters. Learning support is available to any pupil needing additional arrangements, whether they have a specific diagnosis or not. This is part of our ethos which enables everyone to achieve their full potential, no matter what challenges they face.

The Learning Support (LS) Department is composed of fully qualified teachers who are specialists in supporting pupils with learning needs such as dyslexia, dyspraxia and dyscalculia. Long term, short term and occasional support is also available for areas such as:

  • Spelling, reading and writing difficulties
  • Handwriting
  • Essay writing
  • Maths
  • Organisational difficulties
  • Learning to learn
  • Study skills, revision and exam techniques
  • Concentration and self-esteem issues

Subject teachers and Housemasters/mistresses are made aware of pupils’ individual needs and they closely liaise to make sure they are addressed sympathetically and discreetly.

Learning Support FAQS

To support pupils effectively, parents will need to disclose any information about their child’s learning support needs along with any relevant diagnoses, reports and assessments as soon as possible.

Learning Support lessons are arranged between Learning Support staff and teachers, and integrated into pupils’ timetables. They are taught on an individual basis or in small groups and charged by the session, with the fees added to the pupil’s termly school bill.

All pupils in Learning Support lessons receive termly reports on their progress. Parents are also welcome to contact Learning Support staff at any time during the year either by telephone or email and are able to either arrange appointments to speak with staff or meet with them at Parents Evenings.

All pupils are screened by the LS Department when they join the school. Parents will be contacted if any potential needs are identified, and the LS Department will be able to recommend an educational psychologist if a formal assessment is needed.

The LS Department’s support for exams is regulated by rules outlined by exam boards. Support for exams can include providing pupils with a reader, a scribe or extra time to complete their exams.

English As An Additional Language (EAL)

Pangbourne College also provides support for students whose first language isn’t English, helping them to fully integrate into school life by developing their language skills.

The EAL department develops pupils’ reading, writing, speaking and listening in English, and supports them with their vocabulary, grammar and cultural awareness. They also offer support for other academic areas as necessary and encourage them to be proud of their own culture.

Meet our LS and EAL teachers

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