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Pangbourne College is a registered charity (No. 309096) and its aims are: the advancement of education, including the provision of boarding and/or day schooling for children, and the provision of subsidised education via bursaries for deserving students whose parents could not otherwise afford the cost of educational fees.

The charitable company also maintains its heritage endowment, the College Campus with its Grade II listed buildings including Devitt House, and The Falkland Islands Memorial Chapel – a national memorial site.

Every year, members of our community give their time, energy and gifts to improve the College. You run our volunteer groups, guide and shape our strategy, enable improvements to College facilities and provide careers and life advice to current pupils.

Without your help, the College would be a much poorer experience, both for pupils and the wider Pangbourne community. Thank you to you all!

The College aims to make the Pangbourne experience accessible to a wide range of pupils, including those who might not normally be able to afford the fees. We are limited on the amount of means-tested financial help we can give, purely because the income we receive from fees is needed to provide the rich educational experience our pupils receive.   

Over the next few years, we aim to widen access to a Pangbourne education through the Peter Points Bursary Fund. If you think you might be able to help support a child through some or all of their time at Pangbourne, please let us know. We would be delighted to hear your story and learn how you could help.

The College also plans to improve the campus and facilities available to pupils and the community. Supporting the Campus Development Fund will make a huge impact on current and future pupils, and all those in the wider community that access the College. We are currently fundraising for the Boat Club Campaign.