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Trips, Tours and Expeditions

While Pangbourne has a vast campus with facilities to cater for every student’s needs, it is important to explore the wider world to bring subjects to life and demonstrate the school’s ethos outside of the College.

Throughout the year, trips are arranged by each academic department to a multitude of destinations, both inside the UK and overseas, there are a number of tours and various expeditions are arranged to help pupils adapt and react to challenging environments.

As well as the many departmental trips to theatres and lecture halls, and weekend boarders’ trips to destinations across the south of England, there are a number of trips to exotic locations and events of great significance in the context of Pangbourne’s public outreach including the Music Department’s Italy Tour, where pupils perform in public spaces and work with other local musicians. 

Other Trips and Tours

A Level Classics Trip

A Level Classics students travel to one of Greece, Italy or Turkey every year for a study tour of the sites and museums which bring the subject to life. A Junior ski trip is organised for Dunbar and Form 3 and 4 and a Senior trip for those in Form 5 to the Upper Sixth over the Christmas holidays each year, the Modern Foreign Languages Department arranges an exchange with a school from either Spain, France or Germany each year and the College Choir is going on a trip to Slovenia this July.

Annual National Service for Seafarers

Every year, Pangbourne is privileged to be involved in the Annual National Service for Seafarers at St Paul’s Cathedral – a tradition that dates back to the College’s founders, Sir Thomas Lane Devitt, who was a national figure in the seafaring community and his son, Sir Philip Devitt, who succeeded him, who both wished for Pangbourne to be represented at this national event.

Summer Trip to Uganda

A tour which is growing in popularity at Pangbourne is the summer trip to Uganda. Pangbourne College has been working on a partnership with Nabugabo Community Learning Centre near Masaka, Uganda since May 2013. This is a new school, opened in February 2013, which has been set up to provide education for local children who have not previously had access to schooling; there is no government school in the area and private schooling is out of their economic reach.

So far the College has raised funds for the school and every two years students spend three weeks heavily involved in vital local projects during their time in Nabugabo. The physical presence of enthusiastic Pangbourne students always touch the people’s hearts and minds of the Nabugabo communities.

By working and living alongside our Nabugabo Community partners, students are able to really engage with some of the challenges faced by a different community and get involved in local initiatives to overcome these. It is always a unique opportunity for students to experience a different culture, contribute to local educational initiatives, and explore a diverse and beautiful country. It is a valuable learning opportunity that has positive impacts for all involved, resulting in a wonderful win-win situation.

Sport and DofE

Pangbourne Hockey Club goes on tour every year, with recent destinations including the Netherlands, Belgium and Gibraltar, the Rugby Club has toured Newcastle and South Africa, and the Cricket Club has visited Barbados, while the Boat Club regularly travels abroad for regattas.

Duke of Edinburgh expeditions include Silver Award students going to the New Forest for three days and Gold Award students going to the Lake District for six days for their Assessed Expedition.