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The primary aim of any school is to boost the academic performance of its pupils under the guidance of a committed and knowledgeable team of teachers. Pangbourne realises that aim consistently, with recognition by the Department for Education in 2018 of some of the best A Level progress scores in the country.

Students at Pangbourne are challenged to do the very best they can and are exposed to a variety of engaging lessons, memorable trips and plentiful learning tools to bring each and every subject to life. A major aim of the past few years has been to encourage pupils to take independent ownership of their study and approach work in a reflective and positive way.

Teachers provide extra support to students, particularly those undergoing public examinations, through academic clinics and subject-specific societies which solidify their academic vocabulary and stretch the most able pupils.

Small class sizes ensure more one-to-one time with an empathetic and caring group of teachers. Those pupils with the ability to take their learning to the highest level are aided by a support structure which enables them to realise their ambitions.


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