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Modern Foreign Languages

The Modern Foreign Languages Department aims to make the study of languages purposeful and enjoyable for pupils to create a thriving learning process and atmosphere. 

New worlds are opened up to pupils through personal engagement with linguistic and cultural differences and it expands students’ cognitive abilities, which helps them across all subjects, while language qualifications can help CVs stand out.

Modern technology is used in lessons with interactive websites and applications aiding the learning process. Portable devices, such as a voice recorder, can be used by pupils to help with vocabulary building also.

All pupils in Form 1 choose which language they would like to study from French, German or Spanish. There is the possibility to study a second foreign language via enrichment in Forms 1 and 2. In Form 3, new pupils joining the school opt to study one of French, German or Spanish with the option to study two languages for pupils who would like to study a second language.

It is up to the pupils whether they wish to continue with a language at GCSE level (following the AQA board) and all three languages are offered at A Level (following the AQA board). Many students choose to continue with languages at GCSE level and experience good success.

Awareness of cultures is deepened at A Level with a clear emphasis on cultural topics such as family relationships, social issues, politics, and the study of literature and a film. Some go on to further their linguistic education at university.