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College Shop

The College shop is located next to the Falkland Islands Memorial Chapel and sells a full range of uniform, stationery, toiletries and sports equipment. 

The Shop is the only place where the Pangbourne uniform and sportswear can be bought, and new pupils and students entering the College in September can arrange uniform appointments in the summer before they arrive by contacting the Shop.

The Shop is manned by a Manager, an Assistant and two Seamstresses who alter students’ No 1s uniform, which consists of a black skirt or black trousers, a white, long-sleeved, collared shirt, a black jacket with gold buttons, polished, formal shoes and a naval hat (Lid). A personal fitting service is provided for new pupils and students buying their uniform during the summer holidays.

Every pupil and student has an account which is looked after by the Shop, and any purchases throughout the academic year can be added to their termly bill, ensuring access to essential items without the need for cash.

As well as stock for pupils and students, the Shop sells Old Pangbournian memorabilia, such as ties, books and scarves.


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