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Port Jackson

Port Jackson is located at the far end of the Parade Ground with beautiful views over private woods and fields.

The current building was opened in 1974 and the Division’s mascot is the Wolfpack (group of wolves); its colours are light blue and white; and its emblem is the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Port Jackson is named after one of the clipper ships belonging to the Devitt and Moore shipping company that first set up Pangbourne as a Nautical College in 1917 before it took the name Pangbourne College and then later became a co-educational school. 

Housemaster, Mr Steve Thompson and his wife, Sarah.

The proceeds from the sale of SS Port Jackson were used to buy the current College site and the silver trophy used for the Headmaster’s Cup was won by the SS Port Jackson in a race around Port Jackson harbour versus the Herzogin Cecilie in 1911.

Port Jackson’s House Values are Unity, Honesty, Commitment and Responsibility and the Motto is Ubi Concordia Ibi Victoria which means ‘Where there is unity, there is victory’ – a motto chosen by the boys in the Division.

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