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Spiritual Life

Pangbourne welcomes students of all faiths and none, providing opportunities to pupils of all denominations to practise their faith.

Pangbourne has a Christian ethos and, whether or not pupils choose to follow Christianity, students are encouraged to understand what the Christian faith is all about.

The spiritual programme is led by the Chaplain, the Reverend Neil Jeffers – a Church of England minister – and encompasses all Christian denominations.

While Pangbourne has a Christian ethos and consequently a focus on Christianity, the school includes many students and families who have no religious commitments or belong to another faith.

The College makes provision for those of other faiths who wish to practise those faiths, particularly with regard to food or religious festivals. The Religious Studies syllabus promotes understanding and tolerance of other faiths.

Inside The Falkland Islands Memorial Chapel

Pangbourne is blessed to be the steward of the national Falkland Islands Memorial Chapel. This beautiful and striking modern building was opened by Her Majesty The Queen in 2000 and provides a warm, comfortable and attractive place for the College to gather. The Queen returned to the Chapel in 2007 and 2017.

The College gathers for brief Morning Prayer on Monday mornings, aiming to reflect on how the Bible instructs our faith and life together. On Saturday mornings, Congers is a very enthusiastic all-school hymn practice. Pangbourne is known for its exceptional and loud hymn-singing, led by a fully-committed Sixth Form. On eight Sundays in the year, the whole College gathers for College Sunday, a formal service of Morning Prayer or Communion, followed by a full parade.

In addition, the Chapel is used for occasional events such as Lent Addresses, or recently an exhibition by a Christian artist who uses his work to reflect on Christian faith.

As well as the College Chapel, the Falklands connection opens us up to the outside world. The Chapel is open to the public every day of the year and we host the annual national Service of Remembrance and Thanksgiving for the Falklands War in June, which gives the students opportunities to meet and serve those who have fought for their country.

Outside the Chapel

We aim to give students the chance to engage with the Christian faith and develop their own spirituality in less formal ways. As well as chapel and RS lessons, other groups run throughout the week and the year.

 There are small Bible study groups with the Chaplain for those interested. ‘Any Questions?’ is a drop-in time to ask any questions!

Explore is a lively Christian Union meeting for Forms 1 and 2 with games, cookies and a short talk from the Bible.

Confirmation classes run in the Lent Term for those who want to think about public commitment to Jesus Christ. Most years, between 10-15 students will choose to go on a summer activity holiday with a chance to explore Christianity.


If you have further questions, please talk to the Headmaster, the Deputy Head Pastoral (Mrs Bond) or the Chaplain.