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Leadership is an integral part of students’ transition from Form 5 to the Sixth Form, with students learning to take responsibility and adopt an independent approach to their studies and Pangbourne life.

Sixth Formers are expected to set the bar high and visibly lead by example in front of their younger peers.

Students take on and develop responsibilities, both formally and informally, in all areas of College life. The two most prestigious defined leadership roles are the two Chief Cadet Captains of the College (CCCCs – Head Boy and Girl) who provide a valuable link between the pupils, staff and the Headmaster.

As well as the defined roles of leadership, Sixth Formers are expected to demonstrate leadership skills by helping younger students in their Division with Prep (homework), preparing their peers for Inter-Divisional competitions, and organising work experience for themselves in the school holidays.

A popular part of the Pangbourne experience is the ‘Taking Responsibility’ course which the Lower Sixth embark upon.

The course aims to enhance personal development and focus on personal strengths, teamwork and other skills employers seek in the workplace, whilst also being trained in pastoral care. Alongside the fun aspects of the course, which includes students being split into teams to create rafts and transport themselves on a river, a series of speakers guide the students as to how to take responsibility in their daily lives and become leaders of the future.