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Riding at Pangbourne is growing in popularity and fast becoming very successful. Whether riders are looking to ride for the first time or have their sights set firmly on competing, Pangbourne Equestrian have a riding programme in place for boys and girls to further develop their skills.

A combined total of 25 riders enjoy Pangbourne Equestrian either as an activity or competitively. Riding is a minor sport at the College during the Michaelmas and Lent Term, and a major sport during the Summer Term. There are additional opportunities to ride every week, at all ages in agreement with both the Head of Riding and Director of Sport based on the Synergy Programme.

Pangbourne aims to provide a riding programme which caters for all abilities and ambition, offering a wealth of opportunities whilst allowing for other sporting commitments to run alongside.

For beginners or riders wanting to ride for fun on a more casual basis we have a wonderful working relationship with Cullinghood Equestrian Centre, where riders can opt to ride during their activity slot. The College’s lower yard at Hillfields Farm provides the base for competitive riders where horses can stay on part livery, weekly training sessions take place and additional preparation for competitions can be provided.

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