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Food & Menus

There is a commitment to ensuring food served to staff and pupils is of the highest quality. The food is varied and plentiful for breakfast, lunch and dinner, with a team of 20 front and backroom staff from caterers Holroyd Howe on hand to serve meals with a smile in Mess Hall.
The refurbishment of the Mess Hall in summer 2014 created two entrances to the serving stations and brought with it a fresh and more modern look, which has been well received by the Pangbourne community.
Hungry students can help themselves to soup, a choice of hot and cold food, offerings from the well-stocked salad bar and dessert over lunchtime.
Vegetarian options are always made available. Additionally, there is also a jacket potato and/or pasta bar option offered daily.

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Serving Hours

Lunch is the peak of activity, with pupils and staff catered for between 12.30pm and 1.30pm with two meats and/or fish always on offer.

Breakfast is provided for boarders between 7.30am and 8am.

Supper takes place between 6pm and 6.45pm.

Catering for Trips and Events

The catering team provides nutritious packed lunches for trips away and bespoke menus for on-site events such as Divisional dinners, the Leavers’ Ball and the Falkland Islands Memorial Service.

Pupil Opinions

There is a high level of engagement between the caterers and the students with Food Forums, Food Committees, meetings with each Division and online surveys set up to ensure the food reflects the wishes of the pupils.